Label: None Link: I happen to live in North London and just round the corner from me is the not so great Koko night club, which is where all Camdonites and discerning indie kids hangout on a friday night. The thing with that place on friday night is that around midnight a generic indie/emo/electro/NME haircut band will come on stage and all the '18' year olds will scream and dance like they're having a heart attack. Though the to-cool-for-school crowd will generally sway from side to side while peering over their sunglasses, which will generally be brightly coloured (I think!). What I'm trying to say is that Severe Zero seem to be those kind of bands but without the so called 'coolness'.  I think what really gets me about this album and the band itself, is that they seem to be about 3 or so years too late. I have a feeling that if they had come out around then they would have been quite big. The catchy nature of some of their songs, especially on 'Finding Fragments' is proof of that. I just think this kind of punk/alternative rock music has been done to death recently and it would be hard for a band like this to get signed at this time. If they went away and worked on beefing up their sound and honing their writing skills a bit, which doesn't need much work, they could be in better standing. Rating: 6/10