Swedish artist and producer Shadow Shadow, wrote and recorded his debut album Riviera over the course of three years. We've already heard the title track, '1000001', and just recently 'Kill Screen', but we're pleased to bring you the stream of the entire album today! It's out now through his own label Molnstaden and features the likes of Kicki Halmos, Britta Persson, Sibille Attar, and more.

Riviera is a synth-laden affair matched with dark percussion that gives just the slightest glimmer of hope and light to make the record far from morose. While songs like 'Riviera' and 'Kill Screen' veer towards the darker side of life, 'Skull Drums' lifts you up out of the darkness into a place much more joyous. Stream Riviera below!

  • Tracklist:
  • 1. Riviera
  • 2. Skull Drums
  • 3. 1000001
  • 4. Treasure Island
  • 5. A Thousand Lost Golf Balls
  • 6. Sunset Bending
  • 7. Where The Ocean Is
  • 8. Kill Screen
  • 9. Hi Los

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