Bonnacons Of Doom are a group of mysterious musicians that, after years of working in various bands and guises, have joined forces to create communal and cathartic music. Band leader Rob has stated that "the ritualistic is central to what [they] do," and that is borne out in their heady and hypnotic music. They don't do anything by half measures, just take their name: a Bonnacon is a mythological creature that flings faeces at people, to be 'of Doom' just doubles down on this abominable image. The same unbridled intensity is brought to their compositions; introductory track 'Solus' was a dark and heavy welcome to their world, and today we bring you 'Argenta', a song just as engrossing, but with a more euphoric overtone.

'Argenta' glides on deep and sturdy rivulets of pulsating bass guitar, keeping the track secure while the guitars, vocals and atmospheric elements dance and flutter maniacally in its dark glow. Powered by space rock guitars, 'Argenta' is a weighty composition that glides fluidly through several gears, taking the sound from the terrestrial to the celestial in a breathtaking swoop. The overwhelming effect is a feeling of lightness and freedom; Kate's wordless vocals have an air of boundlessness, guiding their travelling caravan of noise to the edge of the atmosphere without a second thought. On 'Argenta', Bonnacons Of Doom sound like they have fuel to burn for days of aural exploration - a journey we're thrilled to take with them.

Speaking on this indefinable feeling they've captured, they say: “The abandonment to the moment, the fucked up out of control perfection of giving yourself over to the absolute now. Those are the feelings that were formative in our relationship to music and that’s what we’re always chasing when we’re playing.”

Listen to 'Argenta' below.

And this is only the 5 minute version - you'll be able to hear the full 10 minute version on the album Bonnacons Of Doom, which comes out through Rocket Recordings on May 18th (pre-order). Bonnacons Of Doom will also be playing a handful of not-to-be-missed live dates, which you can see below:

16 May - Utrecht, ACU, NL
18 May - Nantes, Wine Nat White Heat Festival, FR
19 May - Lille, La Malterie, FR
25 May - London, Raw Power Festival

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