Shai Hulud aren't too found of the human race, and that is clearly evident in this, their third full length release. Prolific in the amount of members they manage to get through, this is the first LP featuring new vocalist, Matt Mazzali. Matt Fox and Matt Fletcher are ever-present and with them at the fore, Shai Hulud are always unmistakably pissed off and angry, and it's truly sincere. Still sounding fresh, not dated like many bands now referred to as ‘metalcore', this is a visceral, massive, powerful record, which not so much pounds your eardrums, but leaps out of the speakers and throttles you. It's completely frantic, in particular second track, ‘The Creation Ruin' and Mazzali frequently sounds completely breathless, with this is transposed to the listener. The record demands your attention, it is progressive, deeply melodic and layered and each listen brings out a new subtlety. For music this fast and loud sounding, the songs are remarkably complex and crafted.   This release at times is somewhat heavier than previous efforts, and whilst rooted deeply in hardcore, often strays into more metallic elements. This is especially true of album closer ‘Cold Lord Quietus' which juxtaposes the breakneck speed of the rest of the album, with a slower tempo. The lack of breakdowns and departure from conventional song structure is another thing that continues to make this band feel refreshing. Songs go past at 100mph, pure balls of white hot, furious energy. There appears to be no blueprint for each song, and as such you never know quite what is around the corner, although there is a fair chance it is going to be blisteringly fast, full of rage, and, most importantly, awesome! The sense of urgency that defined and shaped previous records remains, and although at times it seems as though they are restraining themselves, they still retain that spark that make them so vital. Much copied, but never bettered, always innovating and always exciting, Shai Hulud have yet again produced something special. This record could be the kick up the arse the floundering metallic hardcore genre is in dire need of. I'm going for a lie down. 4/5