Shanghai Restoration Project has evolved a great deal since the group's birth in 2006. At the heart of electronic music project, however, has been a certain intellectualism. This is not your mindless EDM, no sir. This is music with a brain. This trend continues on SRP's latest record, R.U.R., and is quite prominent on the duo's latest single, 'Alpha Go.'

R.U.R., as a whole, explores a world in which robots have replaced humans and are working to understand the civilization that predated them. 'Alpha Go,' according SRP members Dave Liang and Sun Yunfan, draws human elements in with decidedly artificial ones.

"'Alpha Go' is a tribute to the recent defeat of the world's top Go player by a Google developed AI," explains the group. "The song assembles a match between two melodies, an airy and abstract one representing AI and a more intense and emotional one representing humans. The abstract melody, steady paced but taking sharp turns with nimble precision, is delivered by a computer manipulated female human voice. The emotional melody, jittery and reactive to the challenging chords of the AI voice, is channeled through a piano played with skillful yet frustrated hands.

Let the many joys of 'Alpha Go' wash over you by streaming the track below, and head over to SRP's website to pre-order R.U.R.. You'll get a free track download in the process.