Hi! I live in Brooklyn and the neighbourhoods I hang out most in are Bushwick, Williamsburg, and Ft Greene. If I am going to get coffee it would be from Variety Coffee (in W'burg) or Cafe Orwell (in Bushwick) because they carry Stumptown coffee. Also, Gimme! Coffee is really good. If I want something healthy there is a great restaurant/diner in Ft Greene called Katherine's Cafe that has great fresh juice and healthy diner type meals. Also, Snacky's in Williamsburg is really awesome small portion Japanese food. From Kimchi to noodles to miso... and they also have the birthday book on demand. The Commodore is a cool new bar, also. Kind of a boat vibe (without being cool about it). Boat drinks, cheap beer, and soul food. Nice back deck area. If you really like cocktails, I would highly recommend The Richardson. Old school style dress, bar, and stiff drinks done well. Also, on a nice sunny walk around day, the waterfront park is cool in Williamsburg. You can sit by the water and look at Manhattan.Clear view.
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