I'm totally not trying to get into Sharp's good books here, but my word, 4K TV's. They are the plasma screen of 2014 or the CRT of the past. The future is here guys and damn it's looking good. You will be able to pinpoint the exact moment that Cristiano Ronaldo's heart broke after the World Cup just by looking at the facial lines on his forehead. That's the sort of definition we need.

So what's the big deal, I have a TV

Yes. I have a television but it's not a 4K TV. Being first to the market is a huge step for any company launching a 4K and Sharp believe they have just that by offering a TV that delivers unbelievable detail and transforms the way we experience films, sport and drama at home. UD20 TVs are one of the only 4K TV ranges to be certified by THX, the movie industry's authority on image and sound quality. THX being the company that provided that cracking intro before any movie started. If you don't remember it, here it is.

Ok. I'm all up for this, but how much?

Like all technology when it's first released, 4K TV's are not going to come cheap. Their current launch price is the same as the total deposit on a house in London.

The UD20 range will be available from September 2014 in two different sizes, 60" and 70". Recommended retail price: 60" - £2700 incl. VAT; 70" - £3700 incl. VAT

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