The backstory behind the new song from She's So Rad is a bit of a sad one. 'Levels' is the return single from the Auckland band after their producer Jeremy Toy was beaten into a coma following an unprovoked attack. He received a blow to the head that caused cognitive damage and memory loss that lasted up to nine months, and the experience is etched into the heart and soul of 'Levels', a song about love and ethics (of which there clearly was none in Toy's attack).

While he was recovering he spent all of his time obsessively learning new mixing techniques which are all evident on 'Levels'. He doesn't recall the early stages of the song as they were done while he was still in a forgetful state of mind. "I would get the mastered files back from our mastering engineer Dave Cooley and I would have no idea what I had done to the song. [It was] a total blur. [I'd done] some really freaky mixes ... so I decided to wait until my head had cleared up before I did a final mix. ... It was a great experiment and all done whilst slightly high on concussion meds."

'Levels' is a futuristic dream-pop track that fans of M83 or Phoenix will adore. It combines slick synths and funky bass lines with hazy, shoegaze vocals that fit delicately on top of the groovy musicianship. It shows a definite progression from their 2013 EP Last Dance, and if they've got more tracks like 'Levels' under their belts, they've only got big things headed their way.

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