Shey Baba has announced his debut album Requiem in the most cinematic way with short film ‘Born Sick/Vertigo’. It is directed by David. M Helman who has previously collaborated with James Vincent Macmorrow and Vince Staples.

Shot in Ukraine, this visuals are simultaneously cinematic and bleak as wide-screen shots of industrial landscapes contrast against the inner turmoils of Shey and the performing actors. The locations were meticulously chosen by the director and work brilliantly in complementing the tracks’ melancholic tones. Throughout the short film, there are moments of quiet contemplation, absolute desperation and dark hope. Shey’s own vocal is spirited, dramatic and carries epic amounts of emotion.

Speaking on the track and video, Shey commented: "'Born Sick' and 'Vertigo' are the first two songs off my upcoming album, and I wanted to make a very clear statement as to what my world is going to feel like, both musically and visually. It’s raw, vulnerable, and unabashedly personal. We shot these videos in and around Kiev over a span of 3 days, and while filming it became clear how much the landscape of Ukraine, from the greyness of the skies & water to the industrial energy of the city and its surroundings, really brought to life what I was feeling while writing these songs. 'Born Sick' and 'Vertigo' make up Parts 1 & 2 of a 4-part short film which I’ll be sharing in its entirety soon.”

This is a clear statement piece to announce his debut record. It’s refreshing to see an emerging artist having an exaggerated idea of their music and Shey Baba is realizing his with a remarkable style. Make sure to check out the jaw-dropping beauty of the short film above.