There is a sizable want and desire for band's that are bristling with heady concepts and experimentation. But there is also an eternal craving for bands that can craft a simple, solid product: strong vocals, lithe bass, rollicking drums and undeniably great guitar parts. The formula is harder to achieve that it sounds, yet Roya makes it seem easy. On their self-titled debut, due out on June 2 through Burger Records but being premiered today through The 405, the five-piece rolls through 11 tracks with confidence and gusto, offering one of the very best debuts released so far in 2017.

Lead singer Rahill Jamalifard is a stunning presence on these songs, her raw and emotive vocals nearly always captivating the listener. But her vocal performances wouldn't have quite the same impact without the talents of her bandmates. Guitarists Jay Heiselmann and Tyler Love offer some of the best riffs of the year, with several of their guitar parts being so catchy that I had them stuck in my head for days. Meanwhile, bassist Alix Brown and drummer Lyla Vander provide the band's foundation, proving that a sturdy rhythm section can more than carry a song on some occasions. Bringing all five of these talented artists together results in Roya producing some of the most satisfying music people have heard in some time. The album is "a scrambler of post punk jangles with dark undertones and somber lyrics," according to Jamalifard, "an ode to touchy subjects." But while the record contains some moodier themes, they never overwhelm the listener or stymie their appreciation of the music.

The driving, scuzzy energy of tracks like 'A Sickness', or the more low-key vibes of a song like 'Scum Rise,' show that Roya is a versatile group, capable of tackling a multitude of themes and feelings without overcomplicating things. This is more than a breath of fresh air. Roya's LP doesn't try to reinvent the wheel, and yet you still feel like you are hearing something cutting edge and awe-inspiring.

You can stream Roya's phenomenal self-titled debut, and you can purchase it on June 2 through Burger Records.