Hailing from Helsinki, a fresh new sound has emerged from the minds of Sami Suova and Mikko Pyk채ri to create. The result is Shine 2009, who have released an EP ('Associates') and are now on a European and Asian tour. Here we speak to Shine 2009 briefly about pop music in relation to heart and mind, new material and the origin of their name. You're currently reviving the 90's pop club scene, did you intend to do this? No. We just make the kind of music we think needs to be made at the moment. How did it feel to release Associates? It felt great to have the songs out. However we are already looking forward to putting out the next release. What was the inspiration behind the songs on the EP? The inspiration came from all the uninspiring music made these days. How would you best describe your style of music? It's pop music with something for the mind and heart in right proportions Are you looking to just play live in Europe or spread your horizons world wide? We're ready to play just about anywhere. Who influences you musically? It can be anyone and it changes daily. We're influenced by good songs and good production, not necessarily by any specific artist. Are you going to produce any more tracks or an album? Definitely. We're working on the full length at the moment. Are there any future live performances in the works? Yes, October's looking fairly busy. We're playing in London at Notting Hill Arts Club on Friday, October 1. After that we're playing in Stockholm and Helsinki. At the end of the month we're doing another gig in Finland which is followed by a couple of shows in Shanghai and Tokyo. How did you come together as a duo to produce Associates? We've know each other since 2005 or so. We've always had a similar taste in music and we appreciate the same qualities in music. That's why we ended up making music together in the Spring of 2009. Why the name Shine 2009? There are many reasons, one being that it's a name that constantly changes its meaning when time passes on. It's kind of interactive.
You can visit the band by heading to http://www.myspace.com/2009shine or Cascine at http://www.cascine.us The Associates EP is out now on Cascine/Expo.