Very happy to be telling you about this remix. It's a very good remix. It's of a track by Brooklyn-based HΛNΛH called 'Hideaway', an assault of introversion shaded in with rumbles, far-flung vocals and eruptions of sound – a passionate illustration of the desire to hide away.

Shines, from LA, is on the remix. And what a remix! It builds with warm chords up into a dark and skittering soundtrack to a getaway, dollops of warm chocolate bass running beneath the desirous shouts of "I wanna hide away" – it gently parkours through your mind, reaching a cubby hole somewhere at the back where everything's fuzzy. That's what the last 40 seconds of this remix are about: warmth and welcoming and homely naïvety blazing in familiar blurs and flashes of comfort.

If you like this, try the warm and expansive vibes of Jacob 2-2's architectural and atmospheric hip-hop in 'Central and Mountain'