Great new dance tracks seem to be falling out of the sky today. fter a three year absence, producer and electronic musician Marcus Lambkin returns to his moniker Shit Robot announced a new single titled 'Feels Real' featuring vocals from the Rapture's Luke Jenner, credited here as JENR.

Clocking in at almost eight minutes, 'Feels Real' is a wonderful return for Shit Robot. Never lagging or growing dull, 'Feels Real' takes the classic dance track elements into disco territory with excellent results. "When it feels real/Nothing can hold me back," Jenner sings in falsetto vocals a la the Bee Gees. Moving bass lines and rhythmic synths propel the song over the steady beats.

'Feels Real' is available for listening via a great no frills video. Anonymous hands stamp a white label piece of vinyl, placing it on a turntable and letting it rip. A must listen.

DFA Records will be releasing the single on April 30.