Sun Glitters, aka Victor Ferreira, has had us under his spell for quite some time now. Whether it's through his own material, or through his beautifully constructed remixes, he's definitely a special talent.

Today he releases the wonderful Everything Could Be Fine, so we decided to get to know this Luxembourg-based genius a little bit better. We talk about genres, influences, Luxembourg, his latest album and playing live.

Could you give us a brief history of how Sun Glitters came about?

Sun Glitters started in March 2011, I felt the need to change and explore new territories and expand on my previous work.

How was the name formed? Is it of significance to you personally or more to do with the sounds you make?

It came in a spontaneous way! I was searching for a special name, something that fits well with my music and the visuals I work with.

Some people might class your music as 'Post-Dubstep'. Is that a fair assumption? Are you interested in labelling your music at all?

I don’t really like to categorize my music because there are lots of elements that are used from several genres! So, I'd prefer the music speaks for itself! Sometimes it's interesting to be labelled in a certain way, specially on websites like Bandcamp; it can help when searching the internet by genre, you can find some really interesting music that way! Maybe it's a "shoefazing-wonkyplops" kind of style.

What or who were your inspirations for your current sound, if any?

My big influence is for sure my every day life! But talking musically, I would say that I'm still influenced by bands like My Bloody Valentine, Boards Of Canada and Third Eye Foundation among lots of others. But when I start with Sun Glitters I was listening a lot Burial, Baths and Star Slinger. But now I'm really in love with a lot of the stuff Tri Angle Records is releasing like Balam Acab, Holy Other and How To Dress Well...

You're based in Luxembourg. Could you tell us a little bit about the scene there?

It's a very little scene where you can find some interested artists in all genres. But the support/medias are not big enough...The Luxemburg audiences don’t seem very curious in discovering new music, and you can be forgotten very quick if you are not creatively active! But some things are changing, so hopefully it will better!

Some of your track titles allude to melancholic or morose subjects. Have you drawn on much personal experience? Or is it a separate entity when constructing music?

All my music is very personal and my songs represent a lot of me, my everyday! Sometimes songs like "things are" or "the wind caresses her hair" have a more melancholic or morose sound, but that wasn’t my intentions when making them, somehow they just turn out like that. When I'm creating tracks is not that I have specific idea in mind, more a need to compose a new track, making something new!

Do you prefer to play everything out live when playing shows, or is it more of a DJ set?

I would rather say that I remake new versions of my songs live...

What upcoming releases have you got in the pipe line?

The next releases are a split with Halls released on both Bandcamps with two different cover artwork versions including one original track and one remix by each of us. A 12" (3 original tracks + a remix by MOTHS) on the Irish label music/is/for/losers and there are a couple of remixes and compilations on the way too...And, I'm always working on new songs for my next album.

Is there anyone you'd like to collaborate or work with in the future?

Of course, there are a couple of artists, but I'd prefer that these collaborations happen naturally, when the time is right! But I would say names like Holy Other, Balam Acab, Burial and How To Dress Well would be great, who knows.