Philadelphia band NOTHING have become one of the most devastating purveyors of modern shoegaze with their first two albums, Guilty Of Everything and Tired Of Tomorrow. Today they announce their third record Dance On The Blacktop, for release through Relapse on August 24th.

NOTHING sought out producer John Agnello to help them record the new album, which is said to be a nihilistic album of self loathing. This is enforced by the lead single 'Zero Day', which singer John Palermo says "is a song of paradoxical enlightenment."

Explaining further: "The amount of difficulty a person faces when attempting to close the door on all sense, meaning, or value when thinking on our existence is hard to put in words, but to me it has always been the latter. I've laid awake countless nights contemplating human life, its hostile uselessness, and why I'm one of the few who choose to see it that way yet manage to move onward."

All of that is meshed beautifully into the subtly scorching guitars on 'Zero Day'. They burn, but never scald, instead there is a distant flame deep within the dark heart of the song, buried between Palermo's bleatings of regret and apathy. The combined effect is a blissful feeling of letting go and being carried away by all that life throws at you, spotting the beauty amid the cracks and clinging to them for all you're worth. Listen below.