SEO-phobic (seriously, try Googling them) post-punks Shopping seem to enjoy their retail-themed witticisms, naming their debut LP Consumer Complaints - presumably uproarious guffaws were cherished at that band meeting. The East Londonders drop the collection on MÏLK , laying down the law with their spiky, lo-fi punk noises; like Savages, they utilise silence as an extra instrument, igniting sparseness and echoes instead of the chundering distortion found in classic punk. However, unlike Savages, Shopping at least appear happy.

'Hanover Cure' is a prime example of their mild-mannered pleasure. Behind surf-punk riffs and jagged bass angles, the trio hoot 'n' holler rather than intensely whispering guttural rage into the mic. There's almost a dance vibe trying to creep through: the rhythms are simple but speedy, and though it's stripped back and entirely synth-less, Shopping ignite coals beneath your toes that make you want to gyrate. The same goes for SoCal-emulating 'Santa Monica Place'; it feels almost Drums-y, or Smith Westerns-y, in that they exploit barebones surf licks and jangly pep. It's perfectly poppy sun-baked indie rock.

'Hard As Nails' sees the threesome retreat back into dour post-punk. PINS feel like apt comparisons, though, with resident yowler Rachel Aggs (of Trash Kit) wailing like a lovelorn wolf, perhaps genre beacons Savages have had an influence. There's sampled sirens and squealing solos, serrated chords jostle against the erratic thump of percussion. It's gorgeously dislocated, like an ankle might be to a foot fetishist. 'Get Going' opens with a portion of scrumptious bass noodling; soon enough, sandpaper stabs of guitar jerk into the fray. It's less empty sounding that many other cuts, presumably due to the bass filling out the gaps. It still finds a way to be prickly and unsettling though.

While there is the occasional deviation into the doldrums, Shopping seem more content to be cheerful. With all the surfy nods and kooky melodies, it might be apropos to dub them beach-punks. There's definitely a glum, sour-mugged edge to the lackadaisical London bunch, but they also sound like they'd fit right at home sculpting sandcastles and supping piña colada. Take 'In Other Words'. It's got that muted, muffled groan so reminiscent of acts like The Cure or Gang Of Four, but also features a chip-on-shoulder slacker tranquillity that Wavves and Best Coast hawk.

There's a lot of opportunities to gawp at their pop side, and plenty of hooks will be rattling around your skull for a lot longer that you might expect. Shopping are providing a fun take on a hugely popular genre - it's not breaking down any walls, and there are parts that feel familiar, but it's nice to listen to a post-punk record that's not swimming in self-defeat and tormented anguish once in a while. There's still some of that permeating Consumer Complaints, but on the whole, it feels a lot more confident, energised and whilst not being exactly ecstatic, they crack a smile or two.