London trio Shopping have been a cult favourite for a while now; one of those bands that doesn't get as much recognition as they deserve, but invoke a lot of passion in those who have discovered them. Perhaps their third album The Official Body will spawn even more of these fans and followers when it is released on January 19th.

Lead single 'The Hype' suggests that Shopping are as fidgety and energetic as ever - but without losing any of their sharpness or wryness. The band says of the song "It's a wake up call to action that says don't believe everything you hear, always question whats presented to you and don't just sit around and think about making change before it's too late."

That sounds typically snarky from the band, but singer Rachel Aggs wants people to know that "it's also a party song! We liked offsetting the serious, dead-pan lyrics with the relaxed yet self-assured funk of the song itself, we had a lot of fun writing it - it has a guitar solo and everything! I always wanted to do a song with a drum and bass breakdown section where the guitar drops out too, I find that part so satisfying.”

The party side of the song is certainly more on display in the newly released video for 'The Hype', which takes place at a pool party. Watch below.

The Official Body comes out through FatCat Records on January 19th.