After releasing their vicious debut LP Holding Hands With Jamie back in 2015, Dublin, Ireland’s Girl Band quickly cemented themselves as one of the most refreshing musical acts to combine noise rock with post-punk in quite some time. But four years passed by with nary a word to be heard regarding the future of the promising project. The hype dampened and many feared the brutal outfit had disbanded. But fret not, Girl Band is back better than ever.

To celebrate the announcement of The Talkies, their upcoming sophomore record (out September 27th via Rough Trade), Girl Band has shared a dread-filled new single titled ‘Shoulderblades' and paired it with a nightmarishly choreographed video that will haunt your thoughts for the foreseeable future.

Undulating with a darkness that cannot be contained, 'Shoulderblades' shows its noise-rock teeth without hesitancy. As distorted guitars slowly creep and crawl in, swelling into tortured screams, the band’s lead singer Dara Kiely unleashes an enraged. stream of conscious drawl that’d remind many of the late, great Mark E. Smith.

This six-minute monster becomes grows twice its original size once the industrial-tinged drums kick in, causing Kiely to shriek in a ceaseless manner that is somehow infectious. Needless to say, Girl Band’s ominous display collapses into complete calamity at the halfway mark as blistering bass barrels in, splitting skulls open and allowing listeners’ crooked thoughts to dance about freely.

Girl Band’s latest offering is easily the Dubliners’ most audacious yet, but its impact is not felt in fullness without the help of long-time collaborator Bob Gallagher who directed the track’s eerie music video. Featuring performance artist Oona Doherty, we see the dancer convulse her body in frightening angles and expressions that aptly mirror the violent nature of the song itself.

Gallagher on the video for ‘Shoulderblades,’ “In Oona we found an incredible co-conspirator, I couldn’t imagine any other dancer being able to bring that combination of beauty and violence to the video. The idea grew out of Dara’s reference to the character of Ed Mordake, a man with two faces, so duality was a major theme. It was interesting for me to see how well dance allows an idea to live in the abstract so it can remain very open.”

Check out the video for ‘Shoulderblades’ above and make sure to follow Girl Band on Twitter and Facebook.

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