It's no secret that Sweden has become a 'shangri-la' of exciting, innovative music; famed for its brand of delicate, melodic indie pop - and less so its Death Metal scene, Sweden has produced what seems like a perpetual wave of great bands. Having been around for almost a decade, Stockholm natives Shout Out Louds have seen many fellow Swedes come and go, but still remain one of the best and most prominent Scandinavian bands. Having had time to craft their signature sleek twee-pop sound over 2 albums and countless touring, Shout Out Louds have returned with their latest release 'Work', produced by Phil Ek (Fleet Foxes, Band of Horses, and The Shins). If you didn't previously have a fixation with Sweden and it's music, Shout Out Louds will surely change that.
Name: Bebban Stenborg. About us: I play keyboards and such in a Swedish band called Shout Out Louds. Listening to: Unfortunately I am very tired of music at the moment, it’s a work related condition that hits me like an infection me from time to time. I have managed to ruin practically every song and every musical style I have ever loved by attaching them to memories of people and circumstances and I can’t seem to find anything to replace any of them. I tried for a little bit with The Jacuzzi Boys and old rhythm and blues but it didn’t help so I moved on to Notorious B.I.G., Wu-Tang Clan and Jay-Z but I’m still not feeling much better. There are really only two songs I can stand right now, one is You Are The Generation That Bought More Shoes And You Get What You Deserve by Johnny Boy, and I’m slowly ruining that one too. The other one is Que Reste-T-il De Nos Amours with Charles Trenet and I have no idea where it and I will be at a month from now. I think the music industry is just too full of jerks and phonies, I can’t stand listening to any of them right now. Is there a doctor in the house? Reading: I just read Serious Game by the Swedish writer Hjalmar Söderberg. The translation of that title makes it sound like something by Henning Mankell, but it isn’t at all. Everyone should read Söderberg’s novel Doctor Glas, it’s a perfect literary portrait of Stockholm in the early 1900’s and lightyears ahead of its time, especially from a gender perspective. I love that book. Video for 'Fall Hard' Watching: When we recorded our album in Seattle we were all obsessed with this salmon stair in a park close to our house. Watching animals with their natural instincts intact is always reassuring somehow. Playing: Cranium, every chance I get. Eating: Lately I am always hungry for vegetarian coxinhas and feijoada which must be something Freudian, I live in Sweden and would be better off if I could just hush up and eat my sour milk. Anything else: I love that there are tea kettles everywhere in the UK, but I’m always a little bit afraid that someone has done something disgusting in them. I think I ran in a bad crowd appliancewise when I was younger, it’s very sad. Promo Info: We don’t have a label in the UK at the moment but we’re planning on coming to London twice this spring, only because we want to. We must love you more than you love us.