What a sound for addled brains in the morning. This is Shura's new track '2Shy' and as you might have already guessed: yes, it's good, it's glorious. Aside from the actual mind-soothing sounds of the song itself – the chords like a series of soft explosion, the synth pads glistening with magical intensity, the sun-soaked flavours of the juddering groovesome bass, the shuffling drums and their '80s dynamism, the sampled sounds of real passers-by – the lyrics are basically also perfect.

The chorus presents the core of the song: "It's taken me so long, maybe I'm just too shy to see it. We could be more than friends, maybe I'm just too shy." Whereas in the verse she sings this beautifully mundane line: "Walking home down the Uxbridge Road / headphones on, I got a cigarette rolled / I know, I shouldn't light it cause I haven't smoked one for weeks." It's honest. And with Shura's captivating voice moving between gentle crooning and heart-wrenching energy, mirroring the song's sentiment of shyness hindering love life but also looking inwards and questioning, it feels even more true.

Even the music is 'too shy' to rise above its own luscious subtleties, to drop or build-up unnecessarily, instead remaining a shifting swirl of rich sound, a cocoon for thoughts and thoughtfulness. There are no vents, there don't need to be – it illustrates a cyclical process of worries and not acting on impulse, contrary what much pop would have you believe.

In addition, the song and its flavours are reminiscent of indistinct gems of music that used to appear on the radio when I was younger, hints of the '80s in my nineties childhood, and they always make me think of summer. The paddling pool filled up out back, the doors to the house open to let in the fresh breeze, everything indoors seeming dull and blue when you come in from outside because the sun's so bright, sandwiches for lunch, childlike chillment. So for me, and maybe others, the sound of Shura acts as a herald for an idealised, impossible summer.

Listen below and stop what you're doing for four minutes and forty seconds.