'Indecision' by Shura marks another milestone in her rise to international recognition. Her voice sings softly above a bouncy and muffled synth chords, wonky solos and far-off tropically palm-muted guitar ornamenting the piece for a decidedly blissful vibe.

The just-released video for the track – directed by Emily McDonald and Nev Brook – visually documents a slice of everyday life whilst at the same time giving its watchers a look into ambiguous sexuality and gender, something that reflects the track's title and society's gradual acceptance (hopefully) of things neither being black or white, of being undecided. Why must we not be indecisive with who we are?

Apparently in the midst of finishing up her debut album for Polydor Records, Shura spoke to Dazed about wanting to keep the album under her creative control:

"I'm not going to try and get something out just to get a Mercury nomination… I was excited about maybe bringing in a big producer, but the longer it’s gone on I’ve just thought 'fuck it', - there’s time to work with a big producer and right now I want to do it myself and see what happens. Worst case is it’s a pile of shit and no one buys it. If it all goes tits up I'll call Timbaland for the next one."

You can go and watch the video on Dazed, where it was premiered.