If you were a fan of Sia's introspective ponder-pop album, Colour The Small One, then this new TQX single, which features vocals from the Antipodean megastar, will be right up your street.

We don't know much about TQX other than the name stands for TourniquetX and this is the group's debut release, which Sia has also co-written. This slowish-mover is much more akin to Sia's early solo work and collaborations with Zero 7 than the more recent chart-busting likes of 'Chandelier' and 'Alive', but it bundles no less charm than any other episode in her eclectic output to date.

The song stands as a reflection on the raw vulnerability of human attachment and the accompanying video is set in a twisted futuristic world, where humanity and technology blend together. The promotional materials accompanying the release describe its premise as merging a surrogate Sia with another woman to become the TQX avatar – "a virtual creation designed to reframe pop culture and suggest a political, philosophical, and cultural rethink".

Here's what TQX had to say about the collaboration: "As an artist famed for questioning attitudes towards image and marketing by singing live with her back to audiences or with her face obscured, Sia was the perfect candidate to participate in the project. She's brought the challenging nature of art into the pop world, which we really like."

'The Day That You Moved On' is the first taster from TQX's forthcoming long-player, Global Intimacy, which will also feature artists such as Daniel Merriweather and Jagwar Ma's Gabriel Winterfield.

'The Day That You Moved On' is out now.