The Chicago-based band The Safes, composed of the four O'Malley brothers, are well known for their snappy brand of pop, one that evokes a wealth of other genres and eras. The same can be said for the band's new single 'It's True,' a teaser for their upcoming LP Winning Combination.

The brisk track uses a fun, slightly off-kilter array of instruments as well as some speedy wordplay to capture its own bizarre little world. Twinkling pianos, strings, accordions and straightforward guitars all come together under one roof here, resulting in one of the more eclectic singles of the year.

The video for 'It's True,' directed by Baby Pony Food, draws together disparate influences -- comic books, Franz Kafka, etc. -- to capture a sense of otherworldlyness. And it doesn't get much more otherworldly than signing your soul over to a giant moth.

You can watch the video for 'It's True' up above to see what exactly that means, and you can pre-order The Safes' new LP, Winning Combination, through Bickerton Records or Action Weekend.