Label: Moshi Moshi Release date: 29/03/10 Website: Myspace When a couple of members of spazz-punks The Mae Shi upped and left last year and formed the, erm, spazz-punk band Signals, the music world was (probably) quickly eagerto know what they’d do next. People were (probably) stopping each other in the street to ask, ‘What amazing musical journeys will we be taken on now?’ Everyone can sleep easy; Signals are exactly like The Mae Shi. Don’t let my snobbish sarcasm fool you. I loved The Mae Shi. A chaotic seizure of a band, their music was as fun as it was ridiculous; Animal Collective with a few beers in them and a set of Fisher Price My First Instruments. Silverfish employs the same urgent judders and stabs of The Mae Shi’s back catalogue and never once allows for time to breathe, instead choosing to scream ‘DANCE, MOTHERFUCKER’ into your bemused ears for two and a half minutes. Subtlety is not Signals’ forte, and neither, unfortunately, is longevity or depth. If you want subtle, second track 'What Dreams' is as close to laid-back as Signals will probably ever get. It teams the carnival beats of Friendly Fires with the sound effects of a broken Nintendo having its wires lovingly tweaked and stroked after Silverfish has finished jamming them into plug sockets. And yet it seems unfair, somehow, to criticise or compliment a song so unbothered with being brilliant. Sure, that primal instinct to wave one’s hands in the air like one just doesn’t care kicks in with every whirr and bleep, but it’s empty, disposable, and entirely forgettable once it’s finished its assault on your brain. So: unassuming freak-out sessions are the order of the day. Just don’t expect them to change your life. Photobucket