Update: After teasing something over the weekend, Sigur Rós have shared that they are putting together a new arts festival in Iceland this winter. The six-day event will take place from December 26-31 and will feature a ton of performances, art instillations and more.

The band will play four shows themselves at the Harpa main hall in Reykjavik. But Norður og Niður will also feature the Icelandic Dance Company, performance artist Ragnar Kjartansson, and orchestral performances of Riceboy Sleeps.

Sigur Rós are back and their teasing a brand new project, that looks like it will be called Norður Og Niður, which translates to North and Down in English from Icelandic.

An email sign-up page was posted in the description of a video trailer that says something is coming soon. But according to reps, it isn't for their next album. Take a look below.