Finnish prog-rock four-piece SIINAI are set to make their return this summer, and it's going to be little weird. The band have announced Supermarket, a concept album describes as a "soundtrack for the supermarket nations". It's not the first time they recorded a theme-album -- their debut album Olympic Games is self explanatory -- but it is the most off the wall thing they've covered. It seriously does completely take it's inspiration from one of life's most mundane locals. Well... maybe it does, the band are instrumental act.

"Looking at the supermarket-experience from a different perspective, finding something where, at least we, hadn't found it before - that excited us. We wanted to create our kind of soundtrack for the supermarket nations."

SIINAI have also released a teaser video for the album featuring new song 'En-Trance', sadly, it doesn't feature any supermarket footage.

Supermarket is out on June 17th via Splendour. See the teaser, and its tracklist below.


  • 1. En-Trance
  • 2. Shopping Trance
  • 3. Aieouyäö
  • 4. Jonotus/Queue
  • 5. Prisma
  • 6. Smiling Cashier
  • 7. Vasikka
  • 8. Exit

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