Starting off as drum and bass producers, Zyon Base and Hobzee have come a long way since their new forays into deeper soundscapes. Under the guise of Silent Dust, their sound has become a, shimmering mish-mash of influences and experiments, taking inspiration from wherever they find it.

Following their critically acclaimed self-titled album in 2011, the pair have been working on various projects, some with noir-hop pioneer Zilla Rocca, some with friends and fellow experimenters.

'Sakharov' picks up on the duo's love for creating the warm, crackly sound of finding old samples and bringing them to life with a neat new perspective. Chilled and deep and very thoughtful indeed, Altair's influence has only made Silent Dust grow stronger.

Listen to the track below, along with Zilla Rocca's chilling vocal remix of 'A Million Words'. Both will be released on September 23rd on None 60.

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