There is power in recognizing that you have none. Oppression bonds people, and as we have seen recently around the globe, marginalized voices speaking in unison can move mountains. Even still, it can be a long road before real change is felt—LA-based duo SILENTSHOUT warn of disillusionment in their new single ‘King of Nothing.’

“When you grow up, you experience a fair amount of disillusionment. In our current era where every single day brings miserable and terrifying news about the state of the world, the disillusionment we feel is far more extreme than we expected it to be. ‘King of Nothing’ is about feeling hopeless in the face of a power-hungry and indifferent world. It’s about that sheer panicked state, when you feel like the world is ending and there is nothing you can do to fight the forces bringing it down. And you just want to give up.” – Alina Cutron

The first words out of singer Alina Cutron’s mouth declare her fearlessness. But even courage cannot protect us from apathy. The song’s bridge lays out the symptoms of and destruction caused by such an insidious mindset, including a drowned conscience, a vortex of negativity, and a complete loss of purpose. As a frenetic dance track, the musicality of ‘King of Nothing’ does not allow you to internalize these traits. Pecking synth melodies carve out an impossible rhythm—the perfect production to underscore durable empowerment.

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