It's been six years since David Berman from New York indie rockers Silver Jews said the band was no more, explaining his decision by saying he had "to move on... can't be like all the careerists doncha know." Well, we're pretty happy that he's changed his mind.

According to a photo posted last night on Facebook by Bob Nastanovich - which you can see above - the band is currently working on new material.

Today, Nastanovich spoke to Wondering Sound and confirmed the band is working on two new songs: 'Wacky Package Eyes' and 'The Veranda over the Toy Shoppe'. Although he didn't mention any long-term plans or even the possibility of a full-length LP, Nastanovich did say it is "doubtful" the Silver Jews would tour. He also added the band won't be recording again for at least another month due to his absence from Nashville.

Keep your fingers crossed, folks.