First up in the oddly shaped room that is Surya was the hectic Decibels. Sounding a mixture between LCD Soundsystem and Errors the band were a pleasant surprise. I wasn't expecting anything terrible, I just didn't anticipate them being quite so good. Each song had a infectious rhythm and beat that seemed fresh and original. The group could perhaps be accused of being a little formulaic in their song writing, they relied on the suddenly switching every band member to the drums for the breakdown in nearly every song but this didn't exactly cripple them. A strong performance from a fairly new band.

This was the lovely Simian Ghost's first performance outside of Scandinavia and in the small assembled crowd of no more then about 40 people anticipation was high. The groups début is a masterpiece of indie pop and in it's own understated way has managed to be one of the albums of the year. The group arrived slightly late after some technical hitches but launched into their set as early as possible. Their opening two tracks were unfamiliar, as I've only heard their album, and in a different style to the rest of their material. More experimental and closer to electronica than indie-pop. These opening songs were strong but perhaps dragged on slightly too long and lacked the magic of their more familiar work.

When they did play something the crowd knew it was nearly as good as expected. The songs bounced around the room with a delightful energy and were sung passionately. The band weren't content with just playing their songs as they appeared on record and were happy to play around with their material. This usually worked but occasionally wasn't quite as good as it could have been. Disappointingly the group weren't playing all of their material live, the bass lines and some of the keyboards were all pre-recorded. This, for me, always makes a live set slightly weaker and it was a shame that the group didn't have the members to play all of their material live. Nevertheless this was a strong set and I look forward to seeing the group play again.