Simian Mobile Disco return with the announcement of Murmurations, their fifth studio album. The nine-track LP takes its title and from giant flock formations starlings make and is themed around the stunning patterns and behaviours that appear within them.

The UK duo have enlisted the help of James Pearson-Howe and Kiani Del Valle to create a trio of interlinked music videos. The first is for single ‘Caught in a Wave' juxtaposes the airy vocals of Hackney-based vocal collective - The Deep Throat Choir with the euphoric visuals of an adrenaline-fuelled mosh-pit.

The video’s director Del Valle explains: “For ‘Caught in a Wave’ I wanted to explore the idea of chaos. I've been fascinated by mosh pits and have always been deeply moved by all the codes in its culture and the science of adrenaline and endorphin release. From pogo to slam dance and hardcore dancing, what mainly excites my eye is the physical impact and the sense of trust and commitment between strangers. Juxtaposing a mosh pit with a choreographed contemporary dance routine, I wanted to create an atmosphere for these two things to not only meet but also to elevate each other. The glue between the two also being the underlying friendship/love story where both characters are continually in the midst of a turning point.”

Murmurations is out 11th May via Wichita Records.