Label: Wichita Recordings Release date: (03/08/09) Website: A few years after switching to the full-on electro world, Simian Mobile Disco find themselves at the forefront of the mainstream dance circuit. Now they are back with new single Audacity Of Huge, a couple of years after the, well, huge album Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release. A more minimal approach is apparent – not on the minimal electro end of things, sure – but not quite as layered as previous work, none of the busy, building noise of say Sleep Deprivation. Subtly lighter, and more immediate, it consequently makes for an obscenely infectious nugget of electro pop – slithering between the Chemical Brothers to steal their decks. Radio friendly, whilst losing no plaudits. Chris Keating of Yeasayer provides strong vocals in a surprisingly lyrically drive track. Seemingly random, it sounds like the result of a Dadaist exercise in lyric cutting up “I got that Joey Ramone A bag of Bill Murray Damien Hirst Telephone” It’s pointless, it’s irreverent, it’s memorable; it works. Like decent dance music words should be. Unless you’re James Murphy, in which case you’re just ludicrously talented and can make us sob with nostalgia yet dance at the same time. As a precursor for new album Temporary Pleasure, it leaves a heavy salivation flowing all over dance-floor before you can say 'Siiiick'. Make sure to read the full review on these pages soon.