I'm looking out of my window as light streams through, listening to Summer Echoes. That someone from Iceland has recorded it seems odd. Yet instead of being glacial this is the warm sound of the sun.

Sin Fang - real name Sindri Már Sigfússon, is also the lead singer of Icelandic folk-pop band, Seabear, fact fans - has been described as lo-fi but Summer Echoes is too expansive; too lush (remember when that word hadn't been appropriated by the worst type of people to describe things that were nice) and too densely layered for that lazy tag.

What's more it was recorded with a band that included members of Mum and Seabear, in Sin Fang's own studio and in Sigur Ros' Sundlaugin. If a bomb had gone off in one of those studios the Icelandic music scene would have been instantly destroyed.

The album offers a kaleidoscopic array of styles, sounds and experiments: electronica, acoustic, indie and hip hop are brought to life by keyboards, handclaps and assorted harmonies and noises to form a unique brand of pastoral dream pop. The low-key soft vocals don't shine but if his voice is black and white then the songs are certainly coloured in.

There are elements of Belle and Sebastian, Memory Tapes, and Oh Inverted World-era Shins as well as the obvious comparisons to compatriots Sigur Ros' and Mum. From the opener 'Easier', album stand out 'Bruises' with its tumbling drums and heavenly harmonies and the acoustic strum and handclaps of 'Fall Down Slowly', the album is filtered through a soft melancholic lens.

It means that the album's sense of joy is tempered with hints of tension which always lurk in the background. This can be seen most clearly in the gurgling techno of 'Sing From Dream', the mournful 'Two Boys' and 'Because of the Blood', in which pianos twinkle and drums softly bang to a crescendo.

With Summer Echoes there is nothing out of place. That's meant as a compliment but it's also a flaw, he never lets go, nothing raises the tempo or gets the heart racing completely. It makes for an album that won't blow you away, more gently take you along as you float in its soft charms.