Four years after releasing his first album, Wander/Wonder, Alec Koone aka Balam Acab has revealed that he's working on a new album with a statement outlining a "possibly fun" idea:

"Since i'm working on a new release i've thought up this (possibly fun) idea: if you’d like to donate any recordings of your own vocals for potential sampling on the release, please send them to – does not matter who you are, how good the sound quality of the recordings are, how long the material is, etc….thank u!"

So there you have it. Sing anything, speak, rap, cough, wail – he might end up using your voice. No word has arrived yet of what this new release even is, let alone when it will appear.

If on the other hand you're all, "Balam what?" then you should get to know. Listen to his sublime debut below.