It's about time.

You may or may not be familiar with West London native Cleo Sol but by gum, you should be.

Part of the UK music industry since her teens, Cleo quickly became a firm favourite among the live circuit with her sultry, soulful tones and heartfelt, honest lyrics earning considerable critic acclaim. But the timing simply wasn't right for Cleo. Instead of aiming for chart success, Cleo took time out to enjoy the simpler things in life including riding her trusty bike through the streets of West London, travelling and spending time with family; much of which was documented on her colourful Instagram page. And as she says in this, her first release in five years, "...I know it's never the right time, but we got to do things on our time" (which might also be a slick reference to her debut single).

After weeks of teasing, Cleo Sol's extended hiatus ends with the release of the beautiful 'Why Don't You' which sees Cleo trade in her pop-tingled R&B sound for a more mature, soulful, almost Jazz-inspired sound filled with live instruments and that raw, honest and heartfelt vocal, which is more forceful than ever before, now filled with a type of growth and honesty that only life experience can provide. It's the perfect accompaniment to the improving summer weather so grab a cocktail and take in the vibes.

Welcome home, Cleo Sol.

'Why Don't You' is streaming now on Spotify.