Providence, Rhode Island to Nashville and now to Los Angeles, singer-songwriter Johnny Gates is a transplant with many homes and memories. Those reminiscences are imbued in his soulful songs. The fresh face, expressive musician released his third overall single, ‘Brooklyn Nights’ in October. He’s now ready to show off his first ever music video for the track, one that portrays his own deepest of recollections.

Channeling singer-songwriters of yesterday and displaying his peaceful pop sensibilities, Gates may be a burgeoning newcomer, but performs like a seasoned veteran. ‘Brooklyn Nights’ is a sincere, sentimental ballad drifting into the vicinity of where soft rock and Americana rock cross. His vocal timbre flows like a gentle fall breeze, sending the listener just enough chills to feel something within worth noting in one’s own surroundings. ‘Brooklyn Nights’ is Gates’ lovelorn tale, one that bonds a time and place with a significant person in one’s life. While the track starts off modestly with Gates plucking his guitar, its warm movement ultimately finds a way into the territory of complete pop rock.

Here’s what Gates shared on the inspiration for ‘Brooklyn Nights’:

“I grew up in Rhode Island, which is like 3 hours from New York City, and an old girlfriend and I would dream about living in Brooklyn. We’d take the train into the city and head to Brooklyn and just kind of plan out our future there. Ultimately it didn’t work out and we went our separate ways, but a few years later I was back in Brooklyn for the first time without her, while on tour. The entire place just looked and felt different. Not better or worse, just different. I went back to the venue and started writing the song downstairs in the green room, and I’ve been playing it at shows ever since."

And here’s what Gates shared on the making of the video for ‘Brooklyn Nights’:

"Making the video was such an incredible experience. Filming everything in Brooklyn really brought the song to life. So happy we could make that happen. And the team was just awesome. I’ve been in bands forever, and with this being my first solo stint, I was loving the whole “crew” mentality. And this is my first ever video, so it’s just wild to see lyrics turn into visuals.”

John Stallings & Dinushi Perera directed the visuals for ‘Brooklyn Nights’. Gates will be releasing his debut EP not a burnt cd in early 2019. The record was produced with the aid of David Labrel (Ryan Adams, Lukas Graham).