A little under a year since the release of his Horizon EP, New York-based singer-songwriter Nöel is back with new music - showcasing the huge strides in musical growth he's undertaken. Later this month, he's set to release his second EP Faith and - as explained in an email to us - faith played a huge part in Nöel's upbringing. "In Hispanic culture, it was represented by religion and the image of the Virgin Mary. Always keeping God and Family close. As we grew up in NYC, we gained our own scars, grew our own dreams, got in touch closer with our hearts, Faith remained."

The Horizon EP stood firmly within the realms of stunning ethereal R&B productions. With 'Without You', Nöel is upping the tempo; creating something a little more accessible. Perhaps a sound that echoes that of the likes of Justin Bieber, but in a more natural and authentic fashion with production courtesy of long-time collaborator Luka. It's a welcomed return for this young New Yorker.

Nöel releases his Faith EP on October 12.