26 year young THØSS, who hails from the warm suburban commuter haven that is Fleet, is about to release his debut EP, Benchwarmer, this spring and the first cut from it, the mighty 'IWITW', is now available to all ears.

The acronym 'IWITW' may strike you as familiar, but before you mistakenly assume that this is a cover version of Backstreet Boys' 'I Want It That Way', let us assure you that we're talking about a brand new composition here, which borrows its title from the lyric "I was in the water, were you calling my name?".

THØSS started out with musical aspirations as an early teen: "I can remember a 12-year-old me scrawling - questionable - lyrics onto a notepad in felt tip", he tells The 405, "and asking myself 'how does Billy Joel do it?' I never studied music at school so I just learnt through listening to records and writing bad songs."

Written in the same bedroom where he grew up, 'IWITW' zooms in on the feeling of being submerged by one's own mind and the toll it can take on those closest to you. "It's one of the most intensely personal songs I've written," THØSS says, "and whilst not being completely straight down the line lyrically, it is an attempt at relaying an overwhelming difficult part of my life in a poetic way."

When asked about his writing process, THØSS explains that, for him, lyrics and melody often come together. "I try to be as uninhibited as possible when writing and let the words just fall out of my mouth", he muses. The EP, Benchwarmer, seeks to capture a lot of THØSS's feelings towards himself at the time of writing the songs for it. "I was also greatly inspired by the concept of the novel Ocean Sea by Alessandro Baricco", he says, "which made me think a lot about water as a healing tool and how much we humans crave being near it... because we used to be fish, right?"

'IWITW' is out now.