As the faint smell of love dissipates from the air of Valentine's weekend into yet another working week, another round of singles jostle their way into contention to follow in the footsteps of last week's Single of The Week winner Field Music. Is the romantic sentiment still filtering through to this week's shortlist...In a word... No... So who has made the list for this week I hear you cry? Well cry no more and read on... The Kays Lavelle - 'The Hours' Los Campesinos - 'Romance Is Boring' Big Pink - 'Velvet' Liars - 'Scissor' Dum Dum Dirls - 'Jail La La' Errors - 'A Rumour In Africa' OK, so some of the videos on show here are not exactly the 'official' ones, but you get the jist right? So who's your pick this week? Make a difference and get voting!