This week's intro has been cancelled because there isn't enough whisky in the world.

Here are your singles of the week:

Oy - 'Healing'

This week I wrote something that made some people unhappy and I ended up wondering why I do what I do; Why am I drawn to share my innermost thoughts in a public forum? Why have I devoted so much of my life to it? why do I continue to do so? I couldn't make any sense of it. Then out of the ether this band emails me and thanks me for writing about their song 'So So' a while back. They link me to 'Healing' and like every email I get from an actual musician - I hit play.

For four minutes, I let this song wash all the confusion and bullshit clean off my brain. For the next four minutes, with my laptop plugged into my biggest speakers, I laid on my back and grinned at the ceiling. 'Healing' does just that (with or without the pun) it's a slow building cacophony of sounds - layer upon layer on top of each other until nothing and everything makes sense and it finally implodes. This is how and why music sets you free. Go find someone you love and tell them that you do - life is too short for pretence.

Broen - 'Boy'

I don't really understand the point of describing how the song sounds when you can just hit play, I think that's the point of this column to be honest, it seems antiquated to me. Needless to say, this is what should be played on mainstream radio and recognised as massive and enjoyable pop music. It's good to begin with, but everything that follows the breakdown at two minutes thirty is just fucking great - it's a shame our summer is ending.

Mild High Club - 'Undeniable'

Even though it makes me sing the "Do Wah Do Wah Do Wah Do Waaah Day" bits of 'Come On Eileen', this is 100% enjoyable. Perhaps even because of that - and it's on Stones Throw which gives it the extra validation of it must be good.

Big Cosmos - 'Limo'

I love this band. Their first EP is one of my favourite releases of recent times. This song shows you why, sultry and cinematic, it's like the soundtrack to the life you're not cool enough to have with lyrics that make you wonder why you can't just change that - the obvious answer is you can. There is an album coming soon you'll be pleased to know.

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