Thanks to Cosmo Jarvis and The Collectable Few, last week's competition saw a frankly ludicrous 6670 votes cast, absolutely rinsing the previous best for the article, and taking huge advantage of the publicity garnered through Facebook, so cheers very much for that. After a massively competitive start to the contest, and a very fun argument breaking out in the Comments section, Cosmo Jarvis came out on top with 61.44% of the vote. Credit is due to The Collectable Few though, who still mustered over 2500 votes with only a sixth (according to Facebook, again) of the number of fans that Cosmo Jarvis was able to call upon. Cracking stuff, and hopefully we'll see more of the same this week. First up is the video to 'Bubblegum' by Clinic, which is trippy, mental, and fantastic. Then we're thrown into The Streets preview from their fifth and final album with comeback single 'Going Through Hell', followed by Metronomy's 'She Wants'. Lets throw in a bit of dancey stuff- I would be lying and embarrassing myself if I tried to describe the genre any further- courtesy of Punks Jump Up and 'Blockhead'. I have genuinely seen them and liked them though, so I'm allowed to be dismissive and callous. We round up with a poor quality copy of ahab's 'Lucy', for which I'll take no blame, and finally hand over to Papercuts and 'Do What You Will', released on Sub Pop. Not quite the selection from the last week but it'll have to do, especially compared to the absolute tat being released in terms of 'cool' pop music this week. Some true shite out this week, which I can't bring myself to include, but Metronomy and Clinic more than make up for it.