I always feel like a jerk at this time of year. I think it's because the adverts tell me to repent for the sins that took place in December. I try to remember the teachings of my hero, Ghandi, who once inspirationally said "Be the arsehole you want to see". Anyway, I'm going to let the music handle the chat this week, it's traumatic enough for me just pretending to care about anything other than myself. It's a privilege I take very seriously. Here are your singles of the week:

Wild Nothing - 'Reichpop'

Savages - 'Adore'

Novelist - 'Street Politician'

Benny Boeldt - 'Phone Call'

Cross Record - 'Basket'

Signor Benedick the Moor - '1200am'

Frog - 'Catchyalater'

Please now enjoy these two "incredibly vibes" cover versions of "massively popular" songs:

Aunyaii - 'Moon River'

Danielle Fricke - 'Cry Me A River'

Anyway I think that's quite enough, now we've agreed that I have impeccable taste.