Well, I'll be honest, I think last week's result comes as a bit of a surprise; Sebastian Blanck spanking jamie xx and My Chemical Romance by over 200 votes and taking 85% of the vote, whilst Fujiya & Miyagi barely registered with a frankly embarrassing 3 votes. I'll be honest, I had it down as a Gil Scott-Heron/ Jamie xx whitewash, so fair to say I have been totally thrown by you and your love for melancholic live performances. Therefore, I have mixed things up further this week by doubling the videos and doubling your choice, covering Everything (Everything - fun word game there) from twee indie pop courtesy of Belle and Sebastian to scuzzy lo-fi from Cloud Nothings, with the power punk of 'Should Have'. There's 'Photoshop Handsome' from the brilliant Everything Everything who were cracking when I managed to catch them live on Saturday, 'Bad Day' by the irritatingly hip Darwin Deez, a vaguely disappointing live act, and then Grouplove's 'Colours' (reviewed here, someone I've never seen. A brief insight into my life. Rounding things up is Deerhoof with the limited 7” release of 'Super Duper Rescue Heads' from the forthcoming Deerhoof vs. Evil (reviewed here), new American sweethearts Lower Dens, and concluding matters are Austra and 'The Beat and The Pulse', adding a bit of doom to proceedings. There you have it, a bumper week to get stuck into, with the results next Wednesday. A big thank you to everyone who voted last week, and enjoy the alternative marathon ahead.