I've not heard anything this week that I would want you to listen to, and I'm not prepared to lie about that. It'd be too easy to fill this space with music that doesn't have any spark of life to it and call it life changing, but who knows where that path would end. Maybe one day I'd find myself nodding along to the latest Richard Ashcroft single and thinking, "that guy right there is a rock and roll legend, he appeals to a demographic that still pays for physical media. We should probably save the critical appraisal for someone millennials love because they don't pay for anything and they express outrage by generating ad revenue".

I mean, have you actually heard the latest song by Richard Ashcroft? As a fun exercise you might like to compare and contrast everything the print media writes about his big comeback, and what he says about his big comeback, with the music that makes up his big comeback. On second thoughts, please try not to hear his latest song because it's fucking terrible. You might think "oh he's pretty harmless, he did that song with the Chemical Brothers that was ok" and perhaps you'd be right. You wouldn't be right, but still, perhaps you'd be right.

The horrible unrelenting truth of the matter is that people who were of music buying age in the 1990's were the last generation to come through with the impulse to purchase and own music written into their DNA. Which is awful for everybody else, because it means pricks like Richard fucking Ashcroft are going to be wheeled out again and again until we're all dead. Although perhaps the sweet release of death would be preferable when compared to a lifetime of major labels wringing cash out of nostalgic wanks.

Anyway here's a song, because you clicked here expecting some music didn't you? So you might as well have ten minutes of bliss on me. Try to forget I said anything. It should be easy.

There is also this spotify playlist of most of the songs that have featured in this column so far this year. Maybe that will fill the gap in your life.