…and so the Single of the Week column returns to The 405 like a tired old man drunk on privilege and bereft of better ideas, ever hopeful that a return to old routines will inspire a deeper understanding of current trends in order to capitalise on them and do great numbers on the socials once again.

I thought about rebranding: Lead track of the week // Track we rushed onto YouTube of the week // Tenner with postage seven inch of the week // Hopefully this demo will generate some buzz so we can re-release it on a major with a new backstory of the week. Then I figured fuck it - just make this column as relevant and engaging as a column that will be out of date in a few days should be.

Here are your singles of the week:

Jeffrey Lewis - 'Outta Town'

This seems to be ok.

Aim & QNC - 'How It All Got Started'

This could be a lot worse.

Worlds End Press - 'Tall Stories'

This couldn't be much worse.

B.Miles - 'Salt'

This seems to be ok.

Paul Weller - 'I'm Where I Should Be'

I preferred the YouTube advert.

Fictonian - 'Little Blue Book'

I guess we are grown up now.

The Fiction Aisle - 'Blue'

It's not the same.

Ephemerals - 'You'll Never See Me'

I'm sure this is ok.

King Midas Sound / Fennesz - 'Lighthouse'

This is ok.

The Garden - 'Haha'

This isn't ok.

Other Lives - 'Easy Way Out' (Dan Deacon Remix)


There always used to be a paragraph at the bottom that attempted wit but these days I'm honestly just too tired to pretend. Have a great day.