You should never look back at a hearse I said to no-one, as I watched it drive away in the rear view mirror, It's bad luck. Making my way from another waiting room full of worn down faces I figured it could be worse. I took a left onto the industrial estate. My shortcut out of dodge. All hastily constructed mega-sheds and greasy trailers surrounded by racists. I passed a second hearse. Then a third. I began to think about futility of our rituals. How we evolved to precisely now. How everyone is simultaneously making their own decisions. For better, or for worse. Behind every face is a chain of cause and consequence so complex that even it's owner doesn't comprehend it fully. Clutching at every selfish survivalist gene instinctively. Like we still needed the tribe. Like we didn't hunt and/or gather at Tescos. These remnants hold our brain hostage I thought. At once aware of a brand new death business, gleaming. Its angled line of polished black body carriers out front. Two men smoking by the entrance, dressed up for the occasion, eyeing me wearily. There was a weight to them that I can't explain, hidden somewhere in their facial expressions or their posture, like they were lacking something that money cannot buy.

I couldn't shake it. We do need the tribe, don't we, at least psychologically. We are more concerned with our place in the grand order of things than ever before. How we fit into our social networks defines us. We sit indoors and pick at our circle with keyboards. The interaction becomes us. Sharing mundane images, documenting every chance happening. We developed ways to show off our status without leaving our chairs. Flexing our muscles or crying for help, we fill the days of our lives with cat gifs and moral outrage. All essential, all the time, our need to keep up with "things" is overwhelming. The days become weeks and the dreams become memories of ideas.

I make a right at the roundabout and I'm almost home.

A Winged Victory for the Sullen - 'Ti Prego Memory Man'

Ok. You really need to listen to this one. It is subtle. Everything about it is delicate. The way it affords your brain the space to develop its own thoughts into fruition. Easing between all of the non essential clutter and making some room, for you. It's invaluable and should not be taken for granted. Take the time to dwell on it. Play it as loud as your system allows. Find their self titled debut album and do the same. Find the work of Dustin O' Halloran and do the same. Find the work of Stars of the Lid and do the same. Read books. Read everything you can. Turn off your television. Go outside. Notice the beauty of things you walk past every day. Slow things down. Stop. Start again. It's ok.

Flowers - 'Stuck'

Stark. Arresting. Simplistic beauty. All of that. Not at all boring. Not at all. I like it. Ok screw it. I can't get past it. I just can't. There is nothing that will un-watch it for me. Nothing else makes any sense. I can't do this song justice. So in a break from the normal Singles Column style I'm just going to copy and paste a genuine email that I have received this week. I trust you are ready.

"Dear editors,

herewith we send you with Levthand's single 'Don't U?' a music- and video tip. For more information, interview inquiries, pictures or something like that, please, don't hesitate to contact me.

Feedback are welcome.

Best wishes and a great new week,

(name redacted)

LEVTHAND - 'Don't U?' (Feat. Son Of Slaves)

'Don't U?' already marks the fifth single taken from Taxidrive, the outstandingly versatile longplayer by Producer Levent Canseven aka Levthand. And yes: this time around it's a funky one. Brooklyn born artist Son Of Slaves (Sha Levi) proves to be a real firestarter on that microphone. Remix contributions come from Monkey Miro, Sha Levi himself as well as RoMorri and Osix. The whole package comes complimented by a highly effective and funky back seat party video.

Don't U ignore!!!"

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