It's come to my attention that I'm doing too much fucking.

Regular readers will know that to be true. I'm told I'm too quick to fuck, they say I'm too eager to give fucks, apparently I'm fucking too readily. I'm freely fucking anything that makes a sound, and that's just in the public domain, you should see me fuck in private. The problem is, I can't stop myself from fucking, I can't help but fuck myself.

Thus far everything has been fucking incredible, fucking brilliant, fucking great or fucking life changing, but from now on you'll have to be really fucking special to get a fuck from me. You're going to have to earn that fuck, you'll have to work really hard for me to give you a fuck at all. I vow to you, no more wasted fucks, no more throwing fucks away, there'll be no more loose forgettable fucks from me.

Whilst I'm thankful for every fuck I give, from this day forth I promise to only fuck when it's really fucking necessary, here are your singles of the week:

'Curaga' - Thug Entrancer

Holy fucking shit Thug Entrancer is back... (sorry, that was entirely too obvious). Previous album Death After Life was an enjoyable suite of songs that made travelling around at night an entirely pleasurable experience, it has been one of my go to "late night records" since its release, and the follow-up appears to be no different. 'Curaga' probably has a little more depth than those songs, an extra couple of layers of sound, but it stands just to plunge you further into your own brain. You really have to experience this played loud, to bury yourself into it, to succumb to your internal dialogue and ride with it. It's from an album called Arcology that is being released in March of next year, right?

'Autumn Thieves' - Model Man

Oliver emailed me this earlier in the week and said "I think you'll like this" and I hate to be so goddamn predictable, but, there's some strings that tease their way into the forefront as this beat peaks and it just gets me every time. Although I think I told him I hated it, which is the main thing. This is the only song these two brothers currently have online which makes them ones to watch for sure.

'Symmy' - Meat Wave

Meat Wave is a shit name for a band but this is a very enjoyable rock song. Back in the glory days when music writers were paid to have opinions it is what would've been called a "melodic kick in the face", so I'll call it a good old fashioned melodic kick in the face. There's your pull quote.

'Sandwiches' - Daudi Matsiko

This is pretty and nice, I mean it wouldn't hurt anybody, but not everybody wants to be hurt. It changes enough in the crescendo to maintain my interest until the end, which when combined with the infectious little riff that it starts from, is good enough for me. It's taken from an EP called The Lingering Effects of Disconnection which is out tomorrow.

'Beautiful Rain' - Jude Woodhead

I've spoken at length in the past about putting too much pressure on young musicians, how the hype train is fickle and ultimately meaningless, how none of this means anything IRL, how musicians and artists and writers benefit from living more than anything else. Still, here I am tipping an ugly metaphorical hat at an 18-year-old-kid who has one song on SoundCloud. I can't help myself because I like the song. I don't give a shit about being first or hyping or any of that waste of energy, I just enjoy the way it transitions through its different parts. This kid knows what he's doing. There's your pull quote.

'Deu' - MMOTHS

This is a very enjoyable return for MMOTHS, it's taken from an album called Luneworks which again comes out in March of next year. I guess you lose a month over christmas so it's only three months away in the industry cycle, it's probably more that now is a good time to hype your Q1 before we all clock off for list season and a few weeks of not trying to keep up with each other. One last squeeze of the sponge before chucking it back in the bath, or some other terrible metaphor. I once talked through an entire set of MMOTHS as I waited for At The Drive In to come onstage and really not earn that massive payoff they invariably got for those reform shows. I never said I wasn't a fucking idiot.

I guess that fuck was well deserved, but I think that's quite enough. I promise to give this column all of the care and attention that something that is outdated and overlooked in a couple of days deserves. In this case, two heroic glasses of whisky and an hour or so of listening and typing. You can submit your music to The 405 by using your initiative and clicking around the site, although I will unsubscribe from your mailing list. Have a great day.