At some point we decided this was going to be our life, that it mattered more than anything, and we pursued it as the dream. But much like our dreams, we cannot choose or control them when we finally fall asleep.

We lost control somewhere in the pursuit of it, probably because we were chasing something that didn't exist to begin with. Beneath the belief that we needed something more, was the hidden honest truth that what we have, what we are, is not enough.

Weathered by that knowledge we've transformed collectively over the years, from self-confident individuals motivated to support music into that of a bewildered herd, driven to charge at the ever distant horizon by technological advances in social paranoia. Desperate to keep up, to be relevant, to stand out from the crowd. Yet entirely unable to stand up for ourselves, to communicate without universally used affectations, unable to be sure of anything unless it has first been validated.

As a relatively young bunch of cottage industries we should be starting to get a feel for how things should be, sure of our roots, beginning to branch out in directions of our own choosing. However, in striving to make professional what was endearing as a hobby we lost the charm, the self-belief, that set us apart. We've become reliant on the models of media that we were supposed to replace, guided by those with means towards the same traps as the generation before us, we are governed by their agenda and we cannot speak out or the big brand partnerships that keep us in these lovely Danish designed check shirts will be over. We lost.

So I'm saying that I'm not going to write about The Stone Roses.

You do not need to have a public opinion on everything. Your hot take is not necessary or desired. Likewise it is not essential to be a fan of everyone that dies - everyone dies. It's a fear of missing out that drives the paranoid commenter, ignorant to the fact that the world will spin on regardless until the melting ice caps force it from its axis. It's not boosting your personal brand to scatter your angle on things that don't matter to you, it's ok if you haven't heard it, it's ok if you don't care about it, it's ok just to sit and watch the train leave the station.

It's a confidence trick that makes you feel like it's not. They create spectacles to guarantee our debate and coverage. They "drop" big releases at specific times, because they know you had to be there. They use words that align with our own unique experience, like first or exclusive, to provoke our need to comment because they know we are driven to appear relevant in the eyes of the audience. It's easy to control the agenda if you have the means, to stimulate debate, to hit those sales targets.

As a critic, a music writer, a social fucking commentator, a whatever and ever after etc amen, you should have the confidence to focus on what you think is good and right and worthy - fuck everything else. You alone should decide what is important to you. If The Stone Roses are, then that is 100% ok, but it's limiting and damaging to waste your time on them if they are not. If you are swayed by friends in your inbox, by potential ad deals, by whatever nostalgic wank the London office is paying for; then your opinion is worth nothing to anyone and honestly your opinion and your word is the only thing you have that is worth anything.

If we, as the next generation of music press, stare into the past, we miss the present. If we don't pay attention to the present, the whole thing will fall apart forever.