When I was growing up everything I listened to was recommended to me by my friends. I learnt to value their opinion. I even trusted what I read in music magazines back then. I used to spend £13.99 on an album from Our Price just because it was recommended by writers I liked in Select, Melody Maker, HHC, NME etc etc. I was an avid reader.

Before I learnt the rules of the game I trusted those printed names. Actually some of them I still do. Call me naive. Call them rose tinted glasses. Call it what you like, that's your prerogative, you have to be honest with yourself. Really, as a writer, it's mine too. Why would you listen to anything other than honest opinion when you can stream a record and decide for yourself in an instant that the review is deluded, spun bullshit, instantly meaningless the moment you hit play. Flip that around. Why would you bother to even try to lie?

We recently got told that we'd never get to work with a certain PR company again because of a negative review. Our reviewer had a bad time at their party. Not the end of the world. Instead of doing the right thing, which is to engage the purveyor of bad vibes and try to change their opinion, they did the wrong thing. Which is their prerogative. I actually laughed about it at the time.

It only became a problem when I thought about it. The implications of it all. Am I expected to be some fucking patsy, promoting only good vibes for friends and those that give me free shit?

Is endless hyperbole what some PR companies really want from us?

Seems a little short sighted to me. The value of my word is built through its integrity. Words only matter if they mean something. Otherwise they are just the things you skip past before deciding yourself.

Stop scrolling, here are your singles of the week:

Mega Emotion - 'BRAINS'

The best thing about being Music Editor of a popular website is being sent music. All I want to do with my time is listen to music. What a life. I don't have to spend all my time hunting for it anymore. Bands and PRs send me all the music I get time to listen to, because I listen to everything I get sent, how rude would it be not to? Once in a blue moon you get an email from a band just saying "hey we'd really just like your opinion" and once in an even bluer moon, the song is actually really fucking good so you get to make it single of the week and rave about it. This is one of those blue moons.

Brains starts like Blondie and soon becomes something different. Part Pixies noise-fest, part 80s synth sunset. It's a controlled adrenaline rush. A wind tunnel not a hurricane if you know what I mean? That isn't a criticism. It's a testament to their skill. I can't decide if it sounds like something else, I hate being preoccupied with that kind of thing, I do know that I fucking love this song. It makes me want to rip out my shitty broken spine and flop around on a dance floor having fun. They are from Norwich, this is their first demo, and I know nothing about them apart from that and this song. Which is enough for now, but I will need more.

Deap Vally - 'Bad For My Body'

The worst thing about being Music Editor of a popular website is being sent music that is really bad. All I want to do with my time is listen to music I like. I long for the days when I wasn't inundated with shit I felt obliged to listen to and I could listen to music for pleasure all the time. It was my biggest pleasure in life. It's even worse when you see the awful music being championed across the board by people with vested interests. Makes me feel a little sick. Oh, the song? I'll talk about the song. Sure.

Fuck the 90s. Seriously. Fuck you needing retro. Fuck chasing back to your youth because you lack the originality or foresight to seek/promote progression within music. You moneyed prick with your advertising budget. Fuck your idea of fun. Fuck your shitty DS-2 fuzz pedal. Fuck telling the kids to run in circles chasing their own tails. Fuck trying to keep up with them. Fuck your bastard algorithms telling what is popular when popularity is controlled by hits and hits are pumped up by software you designed. Fuck all of it and fuck you. This is not fun. I want to get off. I missed my stop first time around. This is a mistake. Fuck.

Vaults - 'Cry No More'

This is one of those pop songs that would sound great on the radio but without a massive marketing budget to blow on faking youtube views and twitter buzz won't even cause a stir. This is why fuck you. Ok?

Don't take that wrong.

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