Label: None Link: Let me just start by saying this. This band are currently not signed. Hello!? Record Labels!? Starts doing your jobs! As you may have realised, i quite like this band. Considering i only just heard them for the first time about twenty minutes ago i would say thats a pretty good endorsement. Hailing from Eau Claire, WI this 3 piece have just put the finishing touches to their debut album In Deference to a Broken Back, of which their latest single 'The East Coast' is taken from.  Sounding like a happy Neutral Milk Hotel, especially in Jon Sunde's vocals, 'The East Coast' is a joyous indie pop song with a lot more going on in it then a lot of signed bands of similar musical bent could contain within a whole record. If you like interesting, beautifully crafted pop songs full to the brim with beautiful harmonies then you've just found the band of your dreams. Rating: 9/10